The Kid Is Not My Son

Billie Jean was not his lover, and it’s beginning to look like Debbie Rowe wasn’t either. Michael Jackson’s kids were finally photographed without their veils and blankets, and they look surprisingly cute and normal (desperate needs for haircuts notwithstanding). No disfiguring plastic surgery, no elaborate militia-inspired outfits… perhaps that is why people are speculating that these kids couldn’t possibly be Michael’s progeny. Okay, actually, the reason is that the kids look whiter than my flabby abs in the middle of winter.

Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson IIPrince Michael Jackson II

Prince Michael I, and Paris Jackson
Prince Michael I and Paris Jackson

Lest you forget, Michael Jackson used to look like this.

I am guessing these kids aren’t quite as biological as Michael would have us believe. Maybe that is why he keeps them under wraps all the time? Whatever the reason is, I am unspeakably relieved to see them in public, with a normal-looking nanny type. Maybe there is hope for these kids yet.


3 responses to “The Kid Is Not My Son

  1. Until they are old enough for Michael to start molesting!

  2. well, looks you were right

  3. There are blacks who could pass for white. So until it’s proven they aren’t his, please stop assuming. African american blood is generally mixed, and the mother is snow white. Prince MJ looks more like MJ as he matures. So I think it’s possible they are his biologically.

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