New Jersey High Schools Are A Buzz Kill

A New Jersey high school has announced that it plans to implement alcohol testing on its students, starting next month. Basically, they can randomly test any student’s urine with this “EtG,” and it will tell you if the student has had alcohol anytime in the last 80 hours.

“The test is the EtG urine test and scientists say it’s more sensitive and telling than a Breathalyzer and other tests because it checks for ethyl glucuronide, which stays in your system for 80 hours…. In total, the district has been issued a $120,000 federal grant to fund the test…. Pequannock school officials promise students who test positive would not be punished by them, instead parents would be told. The students would also still keep their parking privileges and school activities.”

Is it just me, or does this seem like a glaring violation of privacy? I didn’t drink in high school, so this is not coming from a place of retrospective guilt. I just think it seems unnecessarily nosy of the school, especially since they admit they are only testing the kids so they can run and tell their parents. Hey Pequannock, nobody likes a tattletale!


2 responses to “New Jersey High Schools Are A Buzz Kill

  1. This is very wrong. If kids have a few beers at a party Friday night the school shouln’t be able to test them on Monday morning. If they where drinking at school that would be differant!

  2. You’d think they’d find something a little more important to spend the money on. Are the arts still in danger of getting shut down due to “lack of funding?” Teaching them something that might better enrich their lives in the long run seems more important than telling their parents they had a beer on Saturday night.

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