You Gotta Have Faith

Okay, Faith is getting a lot of flack over her reaction to Carrie Underwood’s win at last night’s CMA’s. People think she was honestly outraged by the American Idol beating her out for Female Voclaist of the Year. She claims it was a joke. Take a gander:

Now, I’ve never been a Faith Hill fan, and I couldn’t care less about Carrie Underwood. But come on. Clearly she was kidding. If she was really going to have a moment of bitchitude, don’t you think she would aim it somewhere other than directly into the camera that she clearly knows is still recording her?

This debacle reminds me of the Tom Hanks Oscar presentation, where people actually believed Tom came out on stage swearing at the M.C., who called him one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.

Do you think someone who has been around film and television, and the Oscars in particular, as much as Tom Hanks would make that kind of mistake? Come on now. Just because they’re celebrities, doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to a little ironic levity!


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