The American Way

I hope you all make it out to the polls today, and exercise your right to be part of the democratic process. Seriously, please go, and pick up the slack because I will not be there. You want to know why? It’s because I am lazy, and voting is hard. Seriously. Politicians are always talking about how much your vote matters. A few more Gore votes in Florida and the world we’re living in today would be very different. That is a lot of pressure for a 26-year-old girl who is neither politically minded, nor particularly proactive. Add to this pressure all the lobbying and confusion surrounding the issues, and it becomes overwhelming. Take California’s Prop 87 (please).

Proposition 87
Alternative Energy. Research, Production, Incentives. Tax on California Oil Producers. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
Summary: Establishes $4 billion program to reduce petroleum consumption through incentives for alternative energy, education and training. Funded by tax on California oil producers. Fiscal Impact: State oil tax revenues of $225 million to $485 million annually for alternative energy programs totaling $4 billion. State and local revenue reductions up to low tens of millions of dollars annually.
Well that all sounds lovely. Especially when Bill Clinton takes up the cause.


Not sure how it’s going to make our country safer, per se, but I like where he’s going with this. Okay, I’m in for 87.


Wait, what now? The firefighters are telling me it’s NOT good for our kids and will create MORE dependence on foreign oil! Now I don’t know who to believe. Now multiple this but 13 propositions, plus the race for governor (although, Phil Angelides, I haven’t heard from you lately. Intimidated by the Governator? Or simply out of advertising funds?). It’s just much easier to stay at home. And yes, I almost always take the easy way out.

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