Stars, They’re Just Like Us!

I would like to kick off a new section of this blog, in which I tell you what celebrities I see around town, and you can either die of envy, or roll your eyes at how celeb-obsessed our “culture” is. Ahem:
I was walking (yes walking, what is this world coming to?) past Ammo about 5 minutes ago, when my friend subtly whispered, “to your left”, because she’s not good with the whole body=clock concept. I looked, and there was Kirsten Dunst sitting on the outside patio, with a female friend. Kirsten’s hair was short, and she was smiling, telling a story. She looked radiantly healthy, much better than last time I saw her, at the Grove. I don’t know why people pick on her. I think she’s cute, in a very “I hate her because she gets to make out with Tobey Maguire” kind of way.

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Oh, and this comes just days after some of my coworkers were outside Ammo, and Orlando Bloom tried to bum a cigarette. Apparently, Highland & Lexington is the place to be seen!


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