Stars, They’re Just Like Us: 6 Days of Christmas Edition

What do you get for the guy who has everything? Cashmere socks, a tea set, and a wind chime. At least, that is what Jake Gyllenhaal’s parents got him for Christmas. How do I know, you ask? Bear witness to an IM conversation I just had with One Lucky Bitch:

OLB: [I just saw] the entire Gyllenhaal family, includign Peter and the baby!! They literally sat 4 feet away from us at the next table. AND I know what Jake got for Christmas
Me: Noooooo! WHAT?? How did Jake look?? What is their baby’s name? Ramona?
OLB: Something like that. Anyways, he got…
Me: (please say underwear)
OLB: A pair of cashmere socks, a british tea set, and a hanging garden wooden chime.
Me: How totally sweet
OLB: And slightly gay. Jake looked adorable in his grey Polo cardigan
Me: Aw, I love him.
OLB: Famke Janson was there too but at a different table
Me: eh, we don’t care about her

So there you have it friends, you are the first to know how Jake’s tootsies are being kept warm this winter. Enjoy this pic of him all decked out for the holidays.

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