Rosie Outs Clay Aiken

So, Rosie jumps right to homophobia? Clay Aiken is not out of the closet, and as such, if he is gay, what Rosie O’Donnell did there is much more damaging than Kelly Rippa telling him to keep his filthy paws off her. Seriously, in the course of a conversation later today, put your hand over the mouth of the person who is talking and see what happens. Clay Aiken is lucky Kelly Ripa didn’t punch him in the face. I certainly would have.
Also, I love how Rosie and the rest of the cast of the View claim they have “never questioned Clay’s sexuality.” Because if I rewind the film about 30 seconds, that is exactly what she just did. If by “question” you mean “calling him a homo.” Oh, and ugly too. How can we forget the ugly?
But I think the real story here, who is that woman next to Rosie, and what died her head? That is the worst wig I have ever seen on national television, and yes, that includes Donald Trump’s.


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