Not that Innocent

Okay, I wasn’t going to talk about this, because I was hoping that if I squeezed my eyes closed and hummed really loud, the Britney and K-Fed sex tape would cease to exist. But now I hear that the czar of celebrity sex tapes, David Hans Schmidt is offering $100 million for the four hour long sexy-time marathon. Let me put that image out of my mind long enough to remind Britney that Kevin offered to sell her the tape for $30 million, plus custody of their little rugrats. Girlfriend, if I were you, I would take him up on the offer, then sell the tape for the cool $100 mil. That gets you $70 million in profits, AND you get rid of the kiddos! Not bad for four hours worth of work. And let’s face it, those kids will turn up on your doorstep before you even knew they were gone. Speaking of which, where are those kids? Has anyone seen them?


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