Nicole Richie is an idiot

yesterday’s Page Six:

“WHICH young Hollywood starlet had secret gastric bypass surgery, but then lost too much weight? During a recent four-day stint at a health clinic, she was actually having an operation to remove the bypass.”

Page Six is redefining the phrase “blind item” to mean “anyone with a pair of eyes and a working brain cell could figure this out” item. I heard this rumor a few weeks ago, and it made absolute and total sense. So much so, that I considered it my duty to spread it around as much as possible. Nicole has never been anything but super sweet to me, even when I was blamed for not getting her the 8,000 square foot trailer that was custom built for Robert DeNiro, thus screwing up the entire video shoot we were working on. But you know what? I didn’t steal her Sidekick when I had the opportunity, so I think we’re even. Now I can pass this “rumor” on with a clear conscience. She’s not anorexic. She’s not bulimic. She’s not doing heroin. She’s just a vain idiot, who jumped on the gastric bypass bandwagon when DJ AM did it, and later learned that it is perhaps not the best way to lose a little post-rehab weight.
Now that she’s corrected the procedure, let’s start a pool to see how long before her addiction to fast food catches up to her. I’ll take 3 weeks.

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