Mysterious Force of Nature Wrecks Havoc in the South

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“Powerful storms killed at least two people, flooded streets and ripped apart homes as they swept from Louisiana through South Carolina. In South Carolina on Friday, 15 people were injured when a suspected tornado piled cars on top of each other outside an elementary school, officials said. Nine more people were reported injured in Mississippi and two deaths were reported Thursday as the storm hit Louisiana.”

Okay, I don’t mean to make light of this tragedy, and I am very sorry for the families of the people that died, but… “suspected” tornado? What was your first clue? Just looking at the picture, I can tell you it was a tornado. Throughout the article witness keep saying it was a definitely a tornado, and yet it is repeatedly referred to as a “suspected” or “possible” tornado. I guess until the Incredible Hulk steps up and claims responsibility, this mystery will never be solved.


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