My Personal American Idol

And I thought I was bad, by devoting part of my work day to this little blog! Meet Emmalee Bauer. Slacker, procrastinator, and my personal hero.

“The young hotel Sheraton sales coordinator found that she had a lot of free time at work, but that she needed to look busy to avoid reprimands. So she started obsessively chronicling every moment of her day in a journal, ultimately filling 300 single spaced pages. Unfortunately, someone eventually figured out that Bauer’s clackety-clack noises weren’t actually evidence of her productivity and fired her, and at a state hearing to determine whether she should receive unemployment benefits, portions of the journal were made public. The Des Moines Register ran a few choice excerpts:
I am going to sit right here and play Elf Bowling or some other nonsense. Once lunch is over, I will come right back to writing to piddle away the rest of the afternoon. …”

This is something I may or may not have considered doing (depending on if you are my employer, reading this right now). But it never really occurred to me that she could be fired for it, and worse, denied unemployment! I guess next time I toy with the idea of putting “filed nails, updated myspace page, and took post-nap lunch” on my daily update, I should reconsider.


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