K-Fed’s Rollin’ VIP (Into My Heart)

If the Doomsday Clock didn’t convince you that the end is near, this ought to do it. I might actually be gaining a grudging respect for K-Fed. It started back when he sued Britney for custody. Now he’s making fun of himself in this Nationwide commercial.

I love nothing more than a celebrity who lampoons themself (see Gyllenhaal, Jake, and Radcliffe, Daniel ) so K-Fed better watch out before he worms his way into my cold, black heart. I even kind of love the way he says “what?” when the manager yells at him. Oh Lord, what have I become?


2 responses to “K-Fed’s Rollin’ VIP (Into My Heart)

  1. this vid. made my office a better place…

  2. I am serious- there was some belly laughing going on.

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