Grudgematch Trump vs. O’Donnell

I haven’t had much to say about the Donald Trump/Rosie O’Donnell feud because… well, I don’t care about either of them. But Donald Trump is refusing to let his newest Apprentice installment go quietly into ratings oblivion by beating this dead horse mercilessly. Now he’s written an open letter, trying to drag Barbara Walters further into this quagmire.
Guess what you two? It’s all true! Donald, your hair sucks and you ARE a snake-oil salesman. Rosie, you are fat, and your magazine did fail. Did you guys think that we didn’t know this before you pointed it out to everyone? None of this squabbling makes me want to watch your respective shows any more or less than I already did. Now I’m going to leave you two alone to fight this battle amongst yourselves, just like my mom used to do when she was sick of my sister and I fighting. Don’t come out of your rooms until you’re ready to act like adults.

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