For Your Consideration

A hearty congratulations to all the recently announced Oscar nominees! The list of leading actors alone is proof that no early 1990’s television show is too small to launch an award-winning film career. Leonardo DiCaprio has Growing Pains, Will Smith has Fresh Prince, even Forest Whitaker has an episode of Diff’rent Strokes on his résumé. But, it is my pick for best actor, Ryan Gosling, who delighted millions of pre-teens girls with his stint on the Mickey Mouse Club (re-named MMC, for that “oh-so-cool” factor). Watch the following clip and have “Faithful” stuck in your head all day long.

PS Peter O’Toole? You are severely lacking in the bad sitcom requirement for this category. You better start digitally inserting yourself into some Facts of Life reruns (preferably as Edna Garrett’s husband, who has been lost at sea low these many years) before the category gets wind of this!


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