Breaking News: Paris Hilton Sucks

I think it’s hilarious that people are lauding Tina Fey as a hero for telling Howard Stern that Paris Hilton is a “piece of shit.” Check out the
transcript of her interview,
where she claims that Hilton is “unbelievably dumb” with hair “like a Fraggle.” Okay, that is funny, but the best part is the user comments at the bottom of the page.
7:09 PM Babygreens Says:
Tina Fey is awesome! It was about time someone spoke the truth about Miss Nothing Paris Hilton. Go Tina!!!
6:29 PM lovely m Says:
hahahaha..thats soooo great!!! finally someone says it how it is—PARIS HILTON IS AN IDIOT!!!!!! shes soooo pathetic!!! i agree with all of you–TINA FEY IS NOW MY HERO!!!!!
[And so on.]
“About time someone told the truth”? Have Babygreens and Lovely M been living in a parallel universe where Paris Hilton is somehow revered? Are they really shocked and amazed by Tina’s assessment of the heirhead? Because I am pretty sure that Paris Hilton has never been called anything but dumb and worthless, ever since she was born. Seriously, this is not news. If Tina Fey said anything else, she would be written off as an ass-kissing fraud.

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