Breaking News: Holmes Behaves Like A Celebrity

That is not my headline, but that of seriously catty Canadian gossip site, . The article is mostly about Katie Holmes spending $200,000 at Barney’s over the course of the last year, which really isn’t all that shocking when you think about how little else she has to do during the day. But they do manage to get in a few unnecessary digs at everyone’s favorite beard, calling her a “one-time starlet” and asking us all to remember that she “isn’t a robot.” I am not sure why this struck a nerve with me, considering this is some of the least snarky reporting on Holmes I’ve seen lately. Maybe I just feel sorry for her. But come on, if you were married to Tom Cruise, wouldn’t you spend as much time at Barney’s as possible? And please don’t try to act like she isn’t a legitimate celebrity. You may not like her, but she has at least earned her celebrity status, unlike certain underpants-eschewing, appendectomy-faking, sex-tape-promoting celebutards I can think of.

Also, it is just me, or does she look like maybe she’s had some work done? Eh, it’s probably just the lobotomy. Zing! Look at me, undoing all the good I did in the above.


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