Boy is His Face Allred!

According to TMZ, Michael Richards is planning to meet with the hecklers he offended at the Laugh Factory a few weeks ago.
Michael Richards has agreed to settle his dispute with the men he offended during his racist rant last month at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood. Richards and Gloria Allred, the lawyer for the two patrons, issued the following joint statement:
“Michael Richards would like to apologize in person to the gentleman with whom he had the exchange in the club. After discussions with Gloria Allred, an attorney who represents the man and three others who were with him that night, Michael has agreed that they will all meet in the presence of a retired judge who will facilitate the meeting and help the parties resolve this matter. All concerned are hopeful that a face-to-face meeting will be constructive and begin the necessary process of healing and closure.”
No word on whether money will exchange hands.

Okay, great, he’s apologizing. It’s about time, really. But why is Gloria Allred involved? Why would there be any “money exchanging hands”? Last time I checked, Kramer’s angry rant would be covered by a little thing I like the call the Constitution of the United States. Freedom of speech: heard of it? Yes, it was offensive and wrong, but not slanderous. Michael Richards wasn’t accusing the men of anything. He was just being an asshole. And part of what makes our country great, is that assholes are allowed to spout their crap whenever and wherever they want. Just ask the homeless guy who lives in front of Baja Fresh and screams insults at me when I walk by. Of course, if he has Seinfeld residuals, I might consider suing him too.


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